Looking for Handmade Soap for Sale?

Selling of Handmade Soap as a Business

It is possible to make money with handmade soap by selling it. You can choose to sell it locally at events, to sell through social media and other online resources, or by referrals coming to you from family and friends. This can be a terrific side business that brings in some additional income. The amount of money you can make depends on how much you sell, the cost of your supplies, and how much you sell the products for.

Getting Started

You will need to get some recipes and basic supplies if you are going to sell handmade soaps. Practice small batches of your recipes in order to perfect them. Then you can start making them to sell to customers. Think about how you will package them too. That is a big part of the overall presentation so you don’t want to drop the ball in that area of selling handmade soaps.

Get the Word out  

In order to sell handmade soaps successfully, you need to get the word out. Let your friends, family, and if you work those individuals that work with you should know about what you offer. Photos are a great way to visually show them how lovely they look. Use social media to advertise too. As your business grows, consider setting up a website where orders can be placed. This will help your handmade soap reach the hands of many new potential customers. If you have local health food stores, ask if you can sell your handmade soaps there and provide the owner with a percentage of the profits.

Marketing Promote the Benefits

In your marketing efforts to sell handmade soaps, you need to influence the buyer to decide to buy what you have. They may be able to get the same product from somewhere else. They can purchase commercial soap for less. What is it about your homemade soaps that will entice them? Promote the fact that commercial soaps have harsh chemicals. Explain how the homemade soap offers some healing properties.

Offer Quality

If you are going to do well with selling handmade soaps, you need to provide quality every step of the way. Buy quality ingredients so that you promote a terrific item. Take the time to make the soap correctly and offer a variety of colors, fragrances, and different shapes or designs with various moulds. You may need to start out with a few basic products for your handmade soaps. As you start to see a profit from sales, you can branch out and offer more choices. You can also consider taking customer orders.

Fair Pricing

While homemade soap is more expensive than commercial soap, consumers will pay for the value of it. Make sure you offer fair prices. Of course you need to make a profit. Buy your supplies in bulk to reduce cost. Promote wisely with free or low cost advertising to keep your overhead costs minimal. Make sure you have excellent customer service in place and fast shipping or personal delivery. You may need to see your profits to determine if your pricing can be decreased or if you will need to increase it.

Tracking income and expenses

You are going to need to report your income for homemade soaps on your tax return. Make sure you use a quality method of tracking all of the money you earn. Creating a spreadsheet on your computer or using a software tool is a good idea. You can also get deductions on your taxes due by saving your receipts for supplies, marketing, and other business related expenses. Your profits will be your gross income minus your total expenses