Set up a Visit at a California Alcohol Treatment Center

Set up a Visit at a California Alcohol Treatment Center

It can be scary to think about spending any length of time in a California alcohol treatment center if you aren’t sure what it is all about. One way to ease your fears is to ask to see the facility. You can set up a visit at a California alcohol treatment center by calling in advance. Many parents feel better doing this when they are sending a youth in for such treatment.

Don’t show up unexpected though and expect them to be able to accommodate your request. They need time to make sure staff is available and to do a great job with the tour. Call in advance and ask them if you can get it scheduled. Feel free to bring along a friend or family member with you. Don’t bring along children, unless the facility tour is for the possibility of a youth staying there. Then they can come on the tour with you to explore that possibility further.

This is an opportunity to show up at the facility and to take a look around. You can explore the living quarters, what the daily schedule is like, and even the food at the California alcohol treatment center. The tour should last a couple of hours to really show you the depth of it. If you feel like you are being rushed through it, that should be considered a red flag.

Keep in mind that for privacy reasons, there are going to be certain things off limits when you visit a California alcohol treatment center. For example, you won’t be able to come into private or group counseling sessions. However, you should be able to meet with some of the counselors and even see where counseling sessions take place. Depending on the facility, they may allow you to ask some of the current resident’s questions about what they like and dislike regarding the facility.

Ask questions during the visit at a California alcohol treatment center. Find out about what you need to know to decide of the facility is right for you or your loved one. You don’t have to feel obligated to the facility if you don’t feel it is the best match. Being well informed is a great way to know if a facility offers what you or someone you care about needs. Not only for their alcohol treatment but also for them to feel safe and secure in the facility.

At the end of the tour, thank them for their time. Make sure you have gotten all of your questions answered. If you are ready to make a commitment to use that facility, tell them at that time so they can get you scheduled. If you aren’t sure, let them know that you would like some time to think about it.

Visiting a couple of different California alcohol treatment centers can help you to make comparisons. Take notes so that you don’t confuse what you saw or the answers you got at which one. Once you have done your visits, you can go through your notes and make a final decision.