Now is the time for long branch restaurants on the water

NJ Wedding Locations to Consider
There are some hidden gems out there when it comes to NJ wedding locations! If you want to have an outstanding event that wows your guests and that you love, check some of them out!
Pier Village
In long branch restaurants on the water is a beautiful place to have your wedding. There are plenty of landscaping qualities that make it ideal for unique and timeless wedding photos. The ocean can be seen from this location so it can be strategically used for a backdrop for the photos. It can also be used for the backdrop to your outdoor wedding. There are two great places close by for a wedding reception too such as long branch restaurants on the water.
Ashford Estate
Don’t let the lavish beauty of Ashford Estate make you assume that you can’t afford to get married here! There are acres and acres of lovely landscaping here to help you enhance the beauty of your wedding day. As far as the eyes can see is farmland that has been well preserved. There is a beautiful fountain out front that is surrounded by a brick path. Many couples find this to be the ideal place for their favorite wedding photo.
Monmouth University
Chances are, you have heard about Monmouth University and the education options it provides. However, you may not know it is one of the great places for NJ weddings to take place. There are long pillars that can be used for amazing wedding photos. long branch restaurants on the water is perfect for a wedding.
The reception can also be held there and your guests will appreciate not having to find their way to more than one location. You don’t have to be a student of Monmouth University or alumni either to hold your wedding here.
Meadow Wood Manor
If you are looking for a North NJ wedding location, long branch restaurants on the water is a good choice. It has lovely surroundings and you can pick from an indoor or outdoor ceremony. There is a grand staircase indoors that can be used for the bride to make her entrance rather than walking down the aisle. For an outdoor wedding, there is a breathtaking white stone walking path.
Historic Walnford
In upper NJ, you will find Historic Walnford is an ideal place for a wedding. This area is very romantic and there are blue colored arches that can be used for the wedding photos. This is a very vintage type of setting and works well for someone trying to get away from the trendy scene for their nuptials to take place.
Deep Cut Gardens
For an amazing outdoor NJ wedding, consider Deep Cut Gardens. It is located in the heart of Middletown. This is a very colorful area with plenty of types of plants and flowers that grow. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful places you will see in this part of NJ. During certain times of the year, there are rows and rows of lovely red roses!