Westmont auto body repair for all

Finding an Auto Body Repair Shop

An auto body repair shop is the type of business you don’t need all the time. Therefore, it can be hard to really decide where to turn. Here are some tips to help you find what you need and to be happy with that decision.

Ask Around

Talk to people you know and you will get lots of answers. Ask your family, friends, and people you work with who they have gone to. Find out if they were happy with the work and if they would go to them again if they needed additional auto repair work done. Those responses can help you to create a list of who to call – and who to avoid.


Check your local phone book yellow pages. Check online for advertisements for Westmont auto body repair. You will be able to get contact information and other details from the websites that you don’t get with the yellow pages most of the time. Perhaps you saw a billboard or a park bench with some information about a Westmont auto body repair shop that you would like to contact.

Consultation/Gut Feeling

If your vehicle is drivable, visit a few of the repair shops and ask for a free estimate. They can also give you a free consultation about what they offer, when they work will be done, and what has to be completed. Listen to your gut feeling as you go through this process. Do you feel comfortable with the people? Do you like what you see going on in the business? If something is a red flag to you, don’t do business with them.

Who will Insurance Accept?

Perhaps your insurance coverage only accepts certain Westmont auto body repair shops in your area. If that is the case, then you will need to examine those options. It may be due to the accreditation they offer or other perks that help to keep your insurance costs manageable. Talk to your insurance agent for such referrals.

Read Online Reviews

The internet is a wonderful place to reach reviews too about various Westmont auto body repair shops. You can get first-hand information from customers who have gone to them. They can save you the misery of working with a company that isn’t right for you. By the same token, they can refer you to a company you didn’t know about before.
Avoid taking your vehicle to a company that has a terrible reputation for customer service. You have to watch out for those that will try to increase the cost too once they have your estimate done and your vehicle in the shop.

BBB Rating

Don’t work with any auto body repair shop that has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of less than a B. Strive to find those with a B+ or A rating such as Westmont auto body repair shops as they have continually shown that they do quality work. Don’t settle for less than you deserve as it can compromise the outcome in terms of what your vehicle looks like when all is said and done.