New York Alcohol Treatment Centers – Better Outcome

New York Alcohol Treatment Centers – Longer Timeframe Means Better Outcome
Just because someone can complete an alcohol treatment program in 30 days doesn’t make it the best solution. Most people need a longer timeframe for an outcome that will encourage them not to go back to drinking. Today, many of the New York alcohol treatment centers realize this. They have programs where a person progresses at their pace, not based on the number of days they have been in attendance.
Some of these programs can last up to a full year. It can be difficult for someone to be removed from their daily life for such a long period of time. Yet it may be the only way to ensure they can have a future that is bright and that isn’t dependent on the consumption of alcohol. A quality program has to be long enough to instill changes in behavior and personal growth.
In order for an alcohol treatment program to be successful, it needs to take a holistic approach. It can’t be a rushed session of information that is done just to satisfy some requirements. Instead, it needs to move along at a pace that is right for that individual. The program needs to include education about alcohol, therapy, motivation, being able to identify triggers, and discipline to modify behaviors.
Putting in the time for effective treatment is what it is all about. A person needs at least 30 days to change behaviors. In a 30 day program, the first several days are spent going through the detox process. Learning new skills for coping, for handling stress, and for avoiding people and situations that involve alcohol doesn’t happen that quickly.
Many of the New York alcohol treatment centers still use the 12 step program. Yet it can take time for a person to successfully be ready to move to the next step. With a 30 day program, there is less than 3 days between one step and then having to move to the other. Realistically, this approach can be setting the individual up for failure from day one.
The number of 30 day treatment centers for alcohol continue to dwindle, and that is good news. There is no quick fix for someone that has a serious drinking problem. With longer terms of care in alcohol treatment centers, they are ready to face the real world. They have a better chance of not returning to old habits.
Studies show that longer terms in an alcohol treatment facility also significantly reduces the number of people that return to rehab. That is important because it shows that this change in treatment perception is working. People are turning to longer term programs because they do want to put the use of alcohol behind them once and for all.
Before agreeing to any New York alcohol treatment center, ask about the length of time for it. Ask about what the program offers and what types of milestones are included. The idea is to find a facility that offers you long term treatment with a strategy that is personalized and that is also going to increase the chances of your success.